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We create experiences, rather than following market norms. We strive to infuse the value of storytelling and the beauty of art curation into our solution for you.


Whether it’s a digital campaign, an interactive event, or a compelling brand story, we are determined to amplify your impact and help you connect with the audience.


Why Excohk?


Industry insights

We understand what the audience and the industry needs. We have been working with different stakeholders with varied backgrounds, giving us valuable insights that help us offer you the best solution.


High agility

We know changes often happen, and we believe rules are breakable - Always keeping ourselves agile to flexibly adapt to your latest needs.



We curate every solution, whether it is marketing or event production, with a sense of art in mind. It means that we don't just do it the normal way - We make sure it is inspiring.


Creator network

We have an extended creator network with talented individuals focusing on different specialties. Photographer, painter, fashion designer, sculptor... Makes it easy for us to match the right talents with your project.

What do you need?

Our Clients

We are proudly trusted by well-known institutions and businesses in delivering creative marketing and event curation solutions. Here are just some of the examples - see more on our Instagram page.

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Excohk strives to infuse the value of storytelling and the beauty of art curation into its works, with an aim to deliver refreshing experiences to the public.

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